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F.L Salim Literacy Network (FLSLN) provides financial and strategic facilitation to individuals willing to collaborate on literacy promotion in Pakistan. Through this project we also aim to revamp the low budget schools by introducing educational, administrative and infrastructural reforms.

Need Assessment: 

Pakistan lapse behind its counter parts in South Asia in achieving the United Nations Global Objectives (Sustainable Development Goals) in providing free of cost education to its citizens. Go Green aims at promoting literacy rates in the country by creating stay-at-home earning opportunities for individuals interested in enabling struggling candidates for their upcoming Government set Primary Board Examinations. FLSLN inculcates required teaching skills among collaborating individuals through online training. It further provides strategic assistance to the affiliated teachers by sharing lesson plan guidelines and curriculum development. Moreover, FLSLN pays considerable financial assistance to its teachers ensuring its smooth operations.

Under FLSLN we have two initiatives:

FLSLN- Panchween Pass:

Through this initiative we provide financial and strategic facilitation to individual local collaborators enabling out of school children from under privileged background pass out government set primary board examinations. We ensure financial remuneration for individuals willing to conduct this community service. Moreover, team of educational experts ensures smooth field operations through regular coordination, standardized curriculum, follow-ups and monitoring. Furthermore, we aim at bridging the literacy gap by hiring the services of elite schools teachers as coordinators, the chief task of whom is to ensure the ideals of the program are delivered and maximum benefits are earned by its students.

How do we facilitate? 

Team of experienced academics at the core of strategic planning at FLSLN
Developed weekly lesson plans and curriculum designed for one academic year
Online teacher training programs designed by experts in education
Online and postal services access for delivering material

Present Status:
We have six educational hubs where approximately 150 students are getting free of cost quality education by our teaching associates. The hubs are based in Lahore, Shahdra, Kana Kacha, Murreedkay, Lodhran and Taunsa, Dear Ghazi Khan. The ratio of female to male teachers is 5:4. We aim to expand our educational hubs across Paksitan to create more employment and educational opportunities for students. 

If you are teacher willing to teach students appearing for Primary Board Examination, kindly fill this form: http://bit.do/teacherformliteracynetwork

Project Head: Saima Qamar
Project Co-Head: Javairia Umer

FLSLN - School Reform:

Our second initiative, “F.L Salim School Reforms" is revamping low budget private schools. Low Budget Private Schools is a major source of education among middle class and lower middle class children in urban and rural areas. It remains, however, a much neglected sector when it comes to educational reforms. Since quality teacher training and educational reforms are expensive, these schools remain closed to such opportunities due to budget constraints, which further deepen the literacy gap based on class structure. Go Green Welfare Society hires experts from leading educational institutes in order to design and introduce modern educational techniques through regular and free of cost Teacher Training, curriculum updates, management training and developing infrastructure. Currently we are at the first stage of our educational reforms and conducting teachers trainings at Adopt a Child School (a low budget private schools catering students from under privileged back grounds), Saqib Foundation (a charity based schooling system), The Smart School Valencia Campus (middle class school), The Trust School (a school for middle class children, all of them accommodate a percentage of children from under privileged backgrounds).

Project Head: Saima Bhaur

School Se Ghar Tak

School Se Ghar Tak is a child safety and protection campaign inspired from the works of the international community. It is meant to trigger a conversation within community regarding child safety and protection. It is unique because this subject has remained neglected for a long time now. To promote the message of safety and protection, GGWS bring educational workshops for schools, detailed plan for stakeholders including road shows at public events where children can play along with their parents and learn to make safe choices for themselves.

                                                                        Project Head: Sadaf Haider Khan 

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Go Green Welfare Society (GGWS) is a registered society under Society Registration Act 1961. Our mission is to provide financial and strategic facilitation to individuals & groups collaborating with us on various nation building projects based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our projects focus on a) education, b) combating climate change, c) youth and gender empowerment through vocational training, skill development and creation of employment opportunities and d) social research and advocacy..

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