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Addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 13, our project Combat Climate Change (3C) aims at providing climate change awareness to the masses in Pakistan. 3C empowers interested individuals/groups/organizations willing to raise awareness on this pertinent issue through campaigns and other means of communication. We also aim to facilitate government in addressing the environmental challenges that the world in general and Pakistan in particular is subject to.


3C aims to raise climate change awareness and provide facilitation to interested individuals/groups and governmental bodies in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Need Assessment:

Climate change has become the biggest reality of today. It is affecting almost every region and country in the world. One such country is Pakistan which has recently been declared as the seventh most vulnerable country when it comes to changing climate and its undesirable consequences with 0.32 million of its people being directly affected by natural calamities. Only recently, Pakistan witnessed massive floods in its Interior Sindh and Southern Punjab. Moreover, earthquakes, wind storms, droughts and landslides due to melting glaciers are frequently happening. United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 urges all countries to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Therefore, it has become essential for all nations and stakeholders to collectively address this issue.

Tree Plantation Awareness and Fund Raising Drive by 3C:

In order to address the challenges of climate change, under our project 3C, we have initiated a Tree Plantation Awareness & Fund Raising Drive in the schools of Lahore with the support of Forestry Department Punjab where we are distributing fruit trees/saplings among students to raise climate change awareness. Since our target audience for now is pre-schools, we have a plan which holds attraction for both students and their parents.

Activity Plan for Schools

Introduction of Go Green Welfare Society and Importance of Trees

Magic Show with Interactive Activities

Distribution of Environment Friendly Stickers (With Messages on Tree Plantation)

Goody-Bags Full of Interesting Items (Food and Other)

Distribution of Plants/Seeds


Presently, we have targeted six schools where we have distributed approximately 1100 fruit plants among the students. In future, we aim to target high and post-secondary institutions along with other segments of societies across Pakistan.

Help us plan 100,000 trees this year!

If you are willing to conduct this drive at your school, call us now at 0341-1117771 or email at ccc@gogreenpk.org. Visit below link to check details:

Tree Plantation Awareness and Fund Raising Drives in Schools

Project Head: Abeera Baig

Project Co-Head: Samra Asad



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