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Go Green PK has been set up to promote public awareness of environmental issues and encourage the public to contribute actively towards a better environment. Go Green PK is students formed and led campaign. Since its inception, the Go Green PK has planned and organized many environmental awareness programs.
Go Green PK got to work after the deadly floods hit Pakistan, A group of young students felt dire need of addressing the issue of global warming and climate change. Many scientists reported, that the floods were majorly because of environmental changes, we under the Platform of Go Green PK were the first one to demand for the mitigation, since Pakistan is not the contributor of the carbon emissions, we are the victim, we can only mitigate the risk factor.
According to the well known scientists, the world is on tipping point that really needs to be addressed. And a list of most dangerously affected countries was issued by IPCC, where Pakistan was on the top of the list. So it is the need of the day that the issue should be addressed.
To serve the purpose, Go Green PK has been using every platform to spread the awareness about Global warming, climate change, water conservation, recycling, saving energy, reducing carbon emission to 350ppm etc. We have not just limited ourselves to raising awareness about environmental challenges but have always raised voice for the prosperity of country, in the form of peace vigils, peace cleanups and different healthy activities.

Our Philosophy revolve around:
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  1. To keep environmental issues constantly before the public with the objective of fostering more enlightened attitudes and more responsible behaviour towards the environment
  2. To keep under review the impact and effectiveness of publicity and educational programs on environmental issues and, where appropriate, to follow up the findings of such reviews
  3. To advise the government on community environmental education issues
  4. To mobilize and manage resources for the purposes of promoting environmental awareness in Pakistan in collaboration with environmental groups and other organizations
  5. To encourage and, where necessary, provide coordination of various publicity activities undertaken by non-government bodies and by government departments
  6. If funds permit, to plan and implement environmental activities for any environmental protection events as the Committee may decide
  7. To arrange plantation drives at educational and professional places.

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